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The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

A Comfortable Home

Energy efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows and means less drafts and cold spots. During the summer this process works in reverse and the double glazing keeps the heat out, making your house cooler.

Reduced Fuel Bills

The increased insulation means that you need to turn on the heating less often during the winter months. This will reduce your energy usage and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Noise Reduction

Not only will your new double windows keep the heat in, but they also will keep the noise out and we also offer Acoustic glass for especially noisy locations.

Less Condensation

Our energy efficient glazing reduces condensation build up on the inside of windows and can reduce mould and damp. However, If your house does not have much ventilation, look for replacement windows with trickle vents incorporated into the frame to let in a controlled amount of ventilation.


All our doors and double-glazed windows are fitted with high security locking mechanisms and comply with PAS24 which is, the enhanced security standard for locks in the UK. This makes it harder for burglars to get into your house. You can also increase the level of security by choosing laminated or toughened glass.

Easy Maintenance

Simply wipe your window frames to clean. No more rotting wood and painting and your new windows will last for years. All our windows come with a 10-year insurance backed warranty.

Curb Appeal

Having new windows can transform the look of your property. There are many more styles of window available and we can find a style to suit your tastes.

Things to check

Before installing double glazing, please check with your local planning office if any of the following apply to your property:

  • You live in a conservation area
  • You have an article 4 direction on your property, removing the right of permitted development
  • You live in a listed building

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